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Here are the free downloads.

    The Wizard´s Amulet  
Oath   The award winning module from Necromancer Games with updated maps, new tokens and character portraits. The Wizard´s Amulet is an adventures for low level characters and ideal for an introduction into Fantasy Grounds. The module features a bunch of premade player characters. The Wizard´s Amulet is the most downloaded module for the online platform Fantasy Grounds. You can download the PDF from Necromancer Games website. The adventure is converted with permission from Necromancer Games. The conversion team added some content for a better online gaming experience.  
    Complete Token Pack  
TokenPack   Almost 100 tokens for online gaming platforms as Fantasy Grounds and the like. Character portraits for the players with different background colors that help distinguish between players. For the Gamemaster there are alot of common mosters in the same style, but with grey backgrounds. The size of the tokens represent community standards of 50x50 pixels and fit maps created for that standard. There are also smaller emblem tokens included, used to show locations on overland maps or features in a dungeons. The tokens are in PNG file format with a transparent background.  
    Free Symbols for CC2/CC3  
Sys   A collection of symbol catalogs created for CC2. The symbol catalogs, except one, are not created by MV, but distributed with permission by contributers of the CC community. The symbol catalogs are: Temples & Monuments, Aliens, Parchment, Medieval SC, Coinage & Guild Badges. All catalogs are vector symbols created for CC2, but work flawless in CC3 as well. Some of them use varicolor. If you have a symbol catalog you want to include in this download please contact me and I will include it. These symbol are all of great quality, some of which have been sold commercially by others earlier.  
    Oath of Kortis: Appendix  
Scale   Statistics for scaling the adventure "The Oath of Kortis" to character levels 7-9. All NPC´s are scaled up along with encounter lists and more dangerous traps. When I playtested the Oath of Kortis for the first time, I used these stats instead of those in the published adventure. This supplement makes some changes to the original adventure. 12-page PDF booklet. The Oath of Kortis is my commercial venture and information can be found under products. The stats are d20 system and only for the PDF, not the Fantasy Grounds module.  
    D20 Builder Tool (beta)  
Oath   Based on the "Magic Medieval Society: Western Society" by Expedious Retreat Press this d20 tool calculates prices and building cost for creating buildings in your game. Set the materials, the size and the features of the building and let the D20 Builder Tool calculate the cost. Now your players can build keeps, bridges and huts to populate your fantasy world. The D20 Builder Tool is still in beta version and under development. It is published under the open gaming licence. Features all the tables for building from the Magic Medieval Society: Western Europe. This tool is created by a friend of mine and not directly supported.  
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